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Our organisation

Storengy is a a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group responsible for a variety of activities.

Storengy - Our organisation

Storengy is supervised by Executive President, Cécile Prévieu. She is assisted in her corporate affairs and strategic management tasks by the Strategic Committee composed of:

Didier Holleaux
Executive Vice-President of ENGIE, Chairman of Storengy’s Strategic Committee

Valérie Alain
Director of Institutional Relations France & Regions reporting to the CEO of ENGIE

Xavier Perret
Director of Health and Safety, ENGIE

Sandra Roche Vu Quang
Chief Executive Officer, Elengy and Chairman, Fosmax LNG

Bernard Frois
Scientific Advisor, CEA


An operational organisation

Storengy in Europe

The company operates:

  • in France with Storengy France,
  • in Germany with Storengy Deutschland,
  • in the United Kingdom with Storengy UK.

Storengy on the world map

We are also expanding our operations worldwide in gas storage, geothermal solutions, carbon-free energy production and storage technologies.

To manage Storengy both nationally and internationally, we have an operational organisation that combines strategic vision with efficient decision-making.

The Executive Committee

It oversees all of Storengy's activities and guarantees cross-functional effectiveness.

Its role:

  • define the strategic options to be put to the Strategic Committee,
  • prepare medium-term business plans and budgets,
  • monitor the company's major projects.

BUCC: Business Unit Commitment Committee

This is the locus of decision-taking for commitments by the Storengy BU.
It is tasked with reviewing any proposal that exceeds a subsidiary’s decision level and making the investment decision. For projects with a significant financial impact, the decision may also relate to development.

The organisation in France, Germany and the UK

Each country has an executive committee that oversees implementation of the policies defined by Storengy's Executive Committee, coordinates the country’s various structures and ensures that specific objectives are achieved.