Our organisation

Storengy is a subsidiary of the ENGIE group with various activities.

Storengy is a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group, which is active in natural gas storage and renewable gas production and storage. 

Storengy is managed by Charlotte Roule, our Chief Executive Officer.

The Strategic Committee, which assists her in conducting social and strategic affairs, is made up of: 

  • Cécile Prévieu, Executive Vice President ENGIE, Chairman of the Storengy Strategic Committee 
  • Camille Bonenfant-Jeanneney, Chief Executive Officer Renewable Gases Europe, ENGIE
  • Charlotte Roule, Chief Executive Officer, Storengy 

Storengy in a few key figures

  • Top underground storage operator in Europe
  • Top producer of biomethane in France via ENGIE BiOZ
  • More than 1,000 employees worldwide