Press release 06 September 2022

Storengy accelerates its digital transformation

Storengy has been engaged for several years in a vast digital transformation process to optimise the performance of its industrial assets.

Storengy, a subsidiary of the ENGIE group, has been engaged for several years in a vast digital transformation process to optimise the performance of its industrial assets and thus satisfy its clients’ needs for natural gas storage and contribute to the country’s security of supply. This development also makes it possible to homogenise the work of its employees. An important aspect of this digitalisation process consisted in equipping the company with a new Integrated management software package (SAP S/4HANA). This project started with the simplification and standardisation of 6 key business processes: sales, maintenance, HR, purchasing, projects and finance. Carried out with Capgemini, this vast project was completed this summer with the deployment of the new digital tools at the 14 French underground storage sites.

A new tool at the service for customer satisfaction

In order to meet the challenges of the energy transition, Storengy is transforming its business in order to reduce its environmental footprint as much as possible, both in terms of its internal processes and its industrial facilities, which will soon be compatible with renewable gases (hydrogen, biomethane and synthetic methane). Starting with its own uses, Storengy intends to support the decarbonisation of its customers and territories.

This digitisation of processes, which represents a total investment of 10 million euros, aims to optimise the industrial activity steering in order to ensure the availability of Storengy's assets, particularly with the development of maintenance. By bringing more simplicity and agility at all levels, this transformation process is an asset for employees and ultimately a guarantee of quality for the company's customers.

This digital project called S4YOU was built around three ambitions:

  • performance: improving operational efficiency by simplifying and standardising Storengy’s business processes;
  • transformation: promoting modernisation and openness to data by setting up a common digital platform;
  • collaboration: involving employees at every stage of the project, to support change without creating a rupture.

The roll-out of the new SAP started on 3 January 2022 and was completed in July for the company's 1,000 employees.

A benchmark solution

This SAP solution is a reference in the IT sector. It complies with all cybersecurity rules and provides a high degree of data protection.

It has an intuitive graphical interface that improves the user experience and simplifies its use, giving employees great autonomy. Each function has its own dedicated portal, such as the Purchasing function, which includes direct access for suppliers, for greater responsiveness in order processing.

Likewise, the implementation of the SAP Asset Manager mobile application increases the efficiency of conducting, tracking and tracing maintenance activities.

The SAP solution is connected to numerous tools (planning and project management, reporting, etc.), saving time and allowing immediate use of the data collected within the company.

Our mission was to support this digital transition by involving employees at every stage. This innovative and collaborative approach enabled us to involve them by making them the actors in the digital transformation of their business.

Michel Haas, co-sponsor of the project and Director of Human Resources and Legal Affairs

This digital transformation is global. In parallel with this project, Storengy launched a project to digitise its industrial assets several months ago. These are all actions developed by Storengy to transform the company in order to better serve customers.

Mathieu Perathoner, Electricity park referent

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