News 25 September 2023

Storengy commits to A better world

and is showing it in a 100% new digital campaign!

Storengy is launching its "A Better World" communication campaign.

Storengy is the European leader in natural gas storage and soon-to-be renewable gas. For many years, we have set ourselves an ambitious challenge: to fulfill our role as an industrial company and to act for a better world.

Storengy is committed to initiatives such as reducing its carbon footprint, preserving biodiversity, developing local communities, integrating young people, and innovating to support the energy transition. Despite these concrete actions, these commitments remain relatively unknown to the general public.

That's why Storengy is launching its "A better world" communication campaign. The campaign is deployed through short videos broadcast on social networks and its website, highlighting important issues, topical themes, commitments and, above all, the company's actions. In this way, the company demonstrates that it is possible to be an industrial player while working for the well-being of local communities and a better world.