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Storeny - Our expertise at your service

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As an industrial site operator, Storengy designs gas storage, geothermal energy and carbon-free energy production solutions and implements them on the ground. The company’s employees are experts who are present on site on a daily basis, putting all their operating skills to work. Playing a key role in all of its customers’ natural gas projects, Storengy intends to do the same with geothermal initiatives.

We develop our operating skills in-house with:

The well operations team (GIP)

For the past 70 years, Storengy has been training its own teams of experts in well architecture design, drilling, workover and snubbing, maintenance, wireline and logging operations, well integrity management and long-term operational monitoring. During operation, Storengy manages the wells’ performance and uses maintenance for operational monitoring purposes.

The skill centre

Our expertise encompasses all the subsurface sciences (geophysics, geostatistics, rock mechanics, solution mining) and all surface engineering (compression, treatment, instrumentation and control etc.). Using highly sophisticated modelling tools developed in-house, our engineers can anticipate and monitor the behaviour of salt caverns, depleted reservoirs and  aquifer storage facilities. They have vast experience in managing complex surface projects. Storengy is internationally acknowledged for its expertise in salt caverns, involving the identification of sites, cavern leaching, technical and contractual management of brine and thermodynamic expertise.

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